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Ride me to freedom
Spinning dreams on silver ground
Destination unknown


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Mirror Mirror


Depth of Reflection

Shimmering: Goddess and Ghost

Green Eyes See Past Glass

©Robyn Lee


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Feeling Waters Fall

 Porcelain Vessel of  Tears

Faithful Flame:  Endure

 ©Robyn Lee



Rippling liquid song

Fluent language; native tongue

I bow to your quench

©Robyn Lee


IMG_0321 2


Faithful Brush Stroking

Willfully Tinting The World

Pulsed Breath of Canvas

©Robyn Lee



Clouds conjure a spell
Swept away in breath of wind
Suspended…in a kiss

© Robyn Lee

Up In The Air

Upon Silver Wings
Ambiguous Blue Brilliance
Through Windows of Hope

©Robyn Lee

Storm Surge

Tide Surge Raising Fear
Penetrating Eye Of Storm
Hurricane, Have Heart

The above self-portrait was shot at
9 o’clock pm Monday night.
This was high-tide for our area, and the
the height of intensity for Hurricane Sandy.

As many of you know, following mandatory evacuation,
I fled with my puppy to a hotel location on Sunday, and
took shelter there with many other evacuees where we lost
power, heat and hot water.

Both humans and pets shared a common bond,
in the midst of the pending natural disaster.
Together at our “safe haven” hotel, people quickly
became caring friends. There were 11-year old twin girls entertaining
Rumi for me, as people offered to share flashlight batteries, and
whatever food they brought along.

Sadly, many lost their homes, and there were
numerous heartbreaking stories of
personal struggle and devastation.
What was obvious and uplifting though,
was the instant shared camaraderie and faith among
these strangers, in the face of fear.

I am very thankful that my
home has remained mostly
in tact, less some property damage,
I will finally be returning tomorrow,
as we just received word that our power,
heat and hot water have
been restored as of this evening.

 I offer continued prayers  for all of those who
have suffered loss and struggle in
the wake of this powerful storm,
and want to express my most heartfelt thanks to all
of my wonderful friends here, who have kept us in
thought and prayer for safety.

Much Love,

Robyn Lee

She Spins

round – and – round she twirls

dreamer spinning fairy tales

 orbiting wonder


we came spinning
out of nothingness
scattering stars
like dust

the stars made a circle
and in the middle
we dance

the wheel of heaven
circles God
like a mill

if you grab a spoke
it will tear your hand off

turning and turning
it sunders
all attachment

were that wheel not in love
it would cry
“enough! how long this turning?”

every atom
turns bewildered

beggars circle tables
dogs circle carrion
the lover circles
his own heart

I circle shame

a ruined water wheel
whichever way I turn
is the river

if that rusty old sky
creaks to a stop
still, still I turn

and it is only God
circling Himself



Autumn hues adorn
Rusted gold magnetic charm
Prelude wintertide

© Robyn Lee

To Become

 Untainted buds anew
Blushed open velvet wanting
Becoming with grace

©Robyn Lee


Ascend blue and white
Transcend illusion of strife
Where all reflects light

©Robyn Lee


A Feather Falls

Glistening feather lands
Upon moist crystalized sand
Hope is born again

©Robyn Lee

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Light Sedation

Blurred vision of fire
Melting my center with its breath
Sedating the pain away

~ Robyn Lee


Sturdy dock extends arm
Rippled bay churns a frazzled mind
Clouds release a sigh

~Robyn Lee