Hope & Healing Through Photography and Poetic Expression

Spring 2012


Ride me to freedom
Spinning dreams on silver ground
Destination unknown


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Introducing Arash…

Allow me to introduce you all to  an amazing young man who is suddenly faced with the greatest challenge of his lifetime . You will see that he exemplifies all that is grace, fortitude and courage. It is my great honor to introduce you to Arash, and my prayer that you support him here in his brave healing journey by seeing him through your  “healing lens”.
Much Love Always     ~ Robyn

Arash Recovery

I’m laying in bed, slowly waking up and adjusting my eyes to the winter sunshine as I glance out the window, when I decide to do some visualization exercises with my legs and feet. I go through the usual exercises that I’ve been doing as frequently as possible in my free time: flex my feet, bend my knee, rotate my legs in and out. Since my accident, I don’t get any movement in my lower body when I do these exercises but I’ve stubbornly and consistently kept at it. The reason why everyone – from the nurses in the ICU to my spine surgeon to my acupuncturists – has emphasized the importance of visualization is the belief that there is enormous value in sending a signal from the brain to the lower body and by thinking and trying to move those limbs, one can repair the neural pathways and reestablish that…

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My Butterfly















Dedicated to my baby daughter,
to whom I just gave a teary hug, and kiss goodbye,
as she departed  for her extended adventure in Spain.

 She will be studying at university in Seville over
the next several months.  This will be the greatest
length of time and distance we have ever been separated.

I am so proud of this child of mine, who I nicknamed
“butterfly baby” when she was small;

A remarkable young woman
who is kind, strong, sensitive, brilliant and  100%

Spread those wings
Fly High
my Darling

I Love You,


Conscious Dreams

“Take note of the dreams you have while
you are peacefully awake; for those
dreams house secret windows,
providing clear view of that
which reflects your
most authentic
Robyn Lee

Frances Scott ~ an Inspiration

“Confidence is the bond of friendship.”

Publilius Syrus

So very touched that my dear friend Frances has honored me this way.

After meeting through our chronic pain challenges, and supporting one another through surgeries, we have a very special bond.

Beautiful Frances ultimately went on to replace both hips at age 40. Here is the ABC news clip featuring her story . Frances is a wonderful mom of three, and was a beloved news anchor for ABC in Raleigh, NC. She suffered a silent agony, with a most complicated case for over a decade before making her brave decision.


Much Love, Blessings and Vibrant Health to you Always Frannie!

 Please click here to read a very detailed post that Frances has created detailing her entire  journey:

“What is WRONG with You, Girl?” « Not anchored

Remedy: Passion-Flower

heart crawls…

from behind encaging ribs

washed by rain

scorched by light

…all just to be cleansed

of its aching pain..

to be soothed with

the kisses of your words

…to emerge from its hollow night…

blossoming into….


intricate, powerful

divinely delicate and trembling


~Lady Day


Warm Thanks to Lady Day of  Just A Girl With A Heart & A Pen for permitting me to pair her wonderful and impassioned poem entitled, Passion-Flower with my feature image today. I was awed by her words when she posted it, and then set out on a mission to find this enchanting passiflora to photograph for this special post.

Hope you enjoyed!

Much Love,
Robyn Lee

 illustration courtesy of:

Did you know that the herb passionflower, extracted from this beautiful bud, is a natural pain reliever and sedative? Follow this link for more information: TLC Family “Passionflower: Herbal Remedies”

Transcendent Shadow

In the still night

Holding stable

Atop white sandy dunes

I lift my head in prayer.

Hearing the moon’s call, I

Submit to the pleas of my own

Desperate breath.


A warm salt breeze

Strokes my forehead

Gently urging my eyelids to close;

And quietly, I slip away from


What is real

What is earthly

What is pain.


Swiftly transported through

Space and time;

Lifted lovingly onto the wings of

Incandescent stars,

I transcend.


Spinning fervently

Whirling and turning, round and round

like a Dervish;

Finally, I penetrate a solid

Wall of mirrored glass and,

I am welcomed.


Without thought

Without words

Without pain,

I enter.



Where my body

Is weightless and free;

And movement, effortless.



Without bondage

Without boundary

Without pain.



Where My dreams

Dance freely,

Held in the safe embrace of

 Blissful crystal waters;



Where my heart beats in

Perfect sync with the

Rhythmic tides of

My truth.


Robyn Lee

Shadow Lover

Take me to the green in you

The secret valley beneath the sun

Hidden behind the whispering ghosts

Of whom you pretend to be

Open up your mossy arms

So I may open mine

And wrap all limbs round your spirit wide

To exist as half no more

Bring me to your mossy floor

Beneath the shadows of your fear

A raven bride in white

A ladder to your soul

Fold down your branches

Peel open your chocolate bark

So I may pour

As liquid amber

Through your very veins

by, Sam Craft

I am thrilled to share this collaborative project with you today. Special thanks to Sam of of  Everyday Asperger’s, who penned this stunning piece entitled The Raven Bride in White at the most perfect time to accompany my beloved shadow image.

Hope you enjoyed!

Much Love ~ Robyn Lee

Resist Not

She concedes at last
’twas all for naught;

The knowing she craves
Cannot be sought.

Nothing to fight
Nor push against;

She lets down her guard
No resist, or defense.

When tomorrow is born
She will sense life anew;

For it’s only to Self
That she need remain true.

~Robyn Lee


“To Live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.”

~Thomas Campbell

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I dedicate this post tonight to my dear, beautiful friend Susan who concluded her fierce battle with Melanoma today. Susan was one of the most kind, loving and loyal souls on planet earth. I shot this photo of the sun’s descent earlier tonight at Jetty 4, Susan’s favorite beach, less than two hours before I learned of her passing.

 Susan will live on in my heart, and in the hearts of so many she has touched with her warm, generous spirit.

God Bless you Susan; you will be sorely missed. We will Love you forever Dearest Friend…




“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul.
It is daily admission of one’s weakness.
It is better in prayer to have a heart without words,
than words without heart.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi


 In the spirit of Father’s Day, I dedicate this post to my amazing Dad who taught me to
live passionately, love fully and never give up on
the notion that we can create
our own luck.

Happy Father’s Day Dad,
I Love You

Adorn Me

Reflecting back on days of old,
Adorned in high heels: bright, sexy and bold

Goddess and princess all tied into one
I was Queen of Sea, and Maiden of Sun

 With spine and hip woes directing the show
the shoes I embrace now are stable and low

 So here I spend time, with my mirrors and lens
And fondle old shoes stitched with dreams, and pretend.

~Robyn Lee


Looking through
Opaque clouds of

Vaporized history,
Staring down old faces
Of blame.

Jagged  currents
Divide his tired
Mind into

Reckless tidal waves,
As he  grips the
Cold metal


Clinging tightly to
His life,



©Robyn Lee

Master Plan

Minds churn,
Hearts in huddle;

within a salt puddle.

United they plot, and
Bravely they face;

Their task: to make the world
a much better place.

~Robyn Lee

Cloud Rhapsody

 “I am the daughter of Earth and Water,
And the nursling of the Sky;

I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores;
I change, but I cannot die.”

The Cloud ~ by, Percy Bysshe Shelley 

I invite you to read Shelley’s poem ‘The Cloud’ in all of  its glorious entirety here
The Cloud ~ by, Percy Bysshe Shelley 

Her Ascent

She dares not question her guide
Ascending the spiral platform
Thirsty for calm.

Each step elevating her to the next
Yearning to reach her
Fateful destination.

Climbing up circular
Curves and winding
Steep  angles.

Her Shadow follows
Free of thoughts
No decisions.

Gripping the sturdy iron rail of
Stability, she arrives
At the vertex;

And under a thick canopy of
Reassuring clouds,
Closes her eyes

to see.


© Robyn Lee

Desire Thee Peony


On a balmy


Lush green

Sensual aroma

Thirsty roots

Delicate petals


Sweet Desire


Robyn Lee



One of the most sensual flowers with a delicious scent, the peony
has long been used in feng shui as a cure for love & romance. This
especially applies to a couple of pink peonies. The symbol of peony
is often considered a metaphor for female beauty.

*source: About.com

Joyous Surrender (a sequel)

“And when the mind finds its perfect state of joy,
the whole universe plays along.”

~ Robyn Lee

As a sequel to my earlier post Stillness, wanted to share this shot of a happy child, one of the few souls who remained on the beach as the storm approached Sunday.  He seemed to be immersed in fun… and suppose it’s a good thing that lonesome lifeguard stuck around after all!! 😉



“To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

~ Chuang Tzu

 and be sure to check out the sequel to this post here: Joyous Surrender (a sequel) 




“There is comfort in knowing that with each tomorrow,
we too may 
begin again.”

~Robyn Lee


“I wish I were like you,”
Said the forest
to the roaring river,
“Always traveling,
always sightseeing;

Rushing towards the pure domain
of the sea,
The kingdom of water;
The passionate, vigorous spirit
of life,
The liquid turquoise of light
With eternal flow …”

“But what am I?
Only a captive,
chained to the earth.
In silence I grow old,
In silence I wither and die,
And before long
nothing will remain of me
But a handful of ashes.”

“O forest, half-asleep, half-awake”,
Cried the river,
“I wish I were you,
Enjoying a seclusion
of living emerald,

And illuminated by moonlit nights;
Being a mirror
reflecting the beauties
of Spring;

A shaded rendezvous for lovers.”

“Your destiny, a new life
every year;
My life, running away from myself
all the time;
Running. running, running
in bewilderment;
And what is my gain
Of all this meaningless journey?
Ah … never having a moment of calm
and rest!”

“No one can ever know
what the other feels;
Who does care to ask
about a passer-by
If he really existed
or was only a shadow?”

Now a passer-by
Aimlessly walking in the shade
Comes to ask himself,
“Who am I? a river? a forest?
Or both?
River and forest?


Hope you enjoyed this wonderful story (and companion image of me listening to the
Forest and River converse 😉 ).
The piece is entitled Forest and River, written by
Jalal al-Din Rumi, with translation by Zhaleh Esfahani.

Much Love ~ Robyn Lee


“There is a coherence in things,
a stability; something is immune from change
and shines out…in the face of the flowing, the fleeting, the spectral,
 like a ruby. ”

~Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse


almighty Tree
watch over me
hold me secure
guard puerility’s door

~Robyn Lee