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Hospitable Heart

 “We welcome love into our lives
when we come to trust
that the doors of our
hearts are best
left wide

Robyn Lee

Because of its open heart-shaped spathe and tropical look, the Anthurium flower is considered worldwide to be the symbol of hospitality. This shy yet seductive plant says :  ‘Come on in, you’re welcome here.’

source: Bron: BBH

Remedy: Passion-Flower

heart crawls…

from behind encaging ribs

washed by rain

scorched by light

…all just to be cleansed

of its aching pain..

to be soothed with

the kisses of your words

…to emerge from its hollow night…

blossoming into….


intricate, powerful

divinely delicate and trembling


~Lady Day


Warm Thanks to Lady Day of  Just A Girl With A Heart & A Pen for permitting me to pair her wonderful and impassioned poem entitled, Passion-Flower with my feature image today. I was awed by her words when she posted it, and then set out on a mission to find this enchanting passiflora to photograph for this special post.

Hope you enjoyed!

Much Love,
Robyn Lee

 illustration courtesy of:

Did you know that the herb passionflower, extracted from this beautiful bud, is a natural pain reliever and sedative? Follow this link for more information: TLC Family “Passionflower: Herbal Remedies”