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Yes…. Rumi at 2.5 years old decided it was time to declare his Independence.

This is our special zen puppy who only wants to cuddle and sit on your lap for hours. This doggie loves when you sing to him and cradle him like a newborn baby. He is mellow, loving and calm, but can be wildly playful too. He is smart and will do tricks for a treat…and even knows how to throw and fetch his own ball.

Rumi has always been quite cautious. He was terrified of steps until recently. Even now, he usually requires we count, “1…2…3” to coax him down. He won’t jump on or off the furniture, and his breeder told me that (having raised several of Rumi’s relatives as her own, and knowing the ‘miki’  breed quite well) he would always stay close to home, and never stray farther than my front porch should he get out.

Well, one morning in January after Scott left for work, the side door blew ajar, and Rumi conjured up the courage to count all by himself “1…2…3…” down those stairs to embark on a solo nature hike! When we realized he was gone, utter panic struck our family like never before.

My daughters (who were home on college break, and shopping at TJ Max) dashed home to assemble a search force. We all went on a mission to find our beloved pup before the sun went down and temperatures dropped. I had ads airing on the local radio station, and all shelters were notified. It was surreal, and one of the scariest days of our lives, thinking about our tiny innocent doggie wandering around by himself. He had to be somewhere….but where? And how would we find him?

We were ringing door bells, shouting Rumi’s name – and looking frantically for a shadow or sign of our little lost pup. We were starting to lose hope.

It was a few hours later when Rob (an Eagle Scout, and my daughter Casey’s boyfriend)  stood completely still in the wooded lot across the street from our home…and simply listened. From a far away distance one could hear the faint sound of what seemed like a bird chirping in the woods. But it was not a bird.  It was Rumi crying!! He had wandered about 3/4 mile down the bay beach by our house and was stranded there on an embankment. Scott and Rob followed the sound of his cry, and rescued him there. Our prayers were answered.

My featured blog photo today serves as a reminder of the day that Rumi declared his independence. It was taken just minutes after his rescue. Seemed like Rumi never had a doubt the day would end this way…

We are so very thankful for his safe return, and have vowed to lock our door upon leaving the house from then on.

I believe each of us have a deep desire to be free and independent…to find courage, take leaps, and venture into unchartered territory.  It seems Rumi is no different!

Much Love, Robyn

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6 responses

  1. Linda Roeder

    Beautiful Webiste

    February 6, 2012 at 12:49 AM

  2. I don’t know yet, thankfully, of a fear bigger than when a puppy escapes! Love the site! Want me to share it? Skip really sympathized or empathized -I forget- with your ‘chronic pain blog description.

    February 6, 2012 at 1:36 AM

    • Thanks Frances – yes this was a scary day for us. We were so lucky to find this little guy.
      Sure – would be thrilled if you shared. I have not been aggressive with publicizing it, and know you have a huge fan-base (and particularly many who are sensitive to the chronic pain/limitation issues)… maybe can help uplift some and that would be a blessing and warm my heart. Thank Skip for me…he sounds like an angel man! You the angel-woman:) xo

      February 6, 2012 at 1:56 AM

  3. Renee Braunstein

    I love this and also the slideshow at the end.

    February 6, 2012 at 10:40 AM

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