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Ever notice that sometimes friends show up at just the right moment…
offering encouragement and inspiration,
not by doing anything specific,
but rather, by simply
being present?

Last Thursday while I was venturing out to run an errand, following a rather difficult and isolating week,
my cell- phone rang and it was Meryl… a dear long-time friend who resides in my community.
Meryl also happens to be a member of our cherished blogsphere.
We have been friends here since my mid 20s, sharing in so many important
transitional periods of each other’s lives.

We decided to meet, and hang out for a bit on a comfy bench facing our favorite Lily Pond.
It was such a delight to relish in some old-fashioned “girl-power” that day–a few giggles and tears,
reflections and hugs…And as we gazed at the emerging Lilies, I shot this photo of our adjoined shadows.

Later that evening, Meryl composed a heartwarming poem and created a
special post honoring our bond of friendship. I am so thrilled to share
this with each of you today.

Much Love~
Robyn Lee


Recovery Thru My Lens

we worship
the water
the sun
life on
four girls
olive eyes
bronze skin
bouncing curls
from the east

There’s nothing like bonding with
a girlfriend. Here’s me and Robyn Lee
hanging out on a bench with some lily pads.
Yep, we go way back… when our girls were
romping (sometimes butt naked ) on the beach.
We met at a day care center… new moms and
newcomers in this breathtaking yet lonely
place…both looking for a friend.
Then life and illness got in the way.
We had rarely spoken or seen one another
for years and years until Robyn came over for tea to
celebrate my birthday this past March. That day she shared
how she had discovered photography via her new blog—
Through The Healing Lens—how it was helping her
reconnect with the world after being isolated due
to her medical challenges and chronic pain.
Ironic, since I’m a photographer yet it…

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Uplifted ~ A Dedication


 Uplift me

 Beside you
I’ll stay


Loving strength
You extend

Broken pieces
We’ll mend


Despite dares
That we face

Conjoined faith
We embrace


Roots of passion

Amongst perilous





Bound as


©Robyn Lee

To all of my wonderful blog friends,

I dedicate this post to all of you who have been my ‘uplifters’ over these past several months. I have been deeply moved by  your collective love and support with regard to both, my ongoing medical challenges, and my creative journey through blogging. The friends I’ve made here are some of the kindest and most generous and genuine people I’ve known. You have all  touched my soul, and taught me so much. 

Currently, I am facing more difficult times physically, and will need to reduce my blogging schedule temporarily. I want to let everyone know that I will be reading and posting whenever I can, and also want to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you angels who have uplifted me in more ways than I can describe!

You are truly a phenomenal group, and I’m blessed to know each and every one of you.

Much Love, Gratitude and Wellness Always~

Robyn Lee


Ladder To The Sun

Follow me
Follow me
I found a ladder
To the sun;

One step at a time
That’s all it takes,
Join our caravan
Of fun.

We’ll travel above
Silk purple skies
Our chariots,
The clouds;

Our path of night
Lit up by stars,
Moon beaming
Full and proud.

We’ll sleep in beds of
Puffy white, while
Sun gods
Keep us

They’ll protect us
From those gusty winds,
And shelter us from

So follow me
It’s single-file
Climb upward
One by one;

For each step we take,
Each wish we make
Means our journey
Has begun.

©Robyn Lee


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“I come
To answer thy pleasure; be’t to fly,
To swim, to dive into the fire, to ride
On the curl’d clouds, to thy strong bidding task…”

William Shakespeare
The Tempest

Frances Scott ~ an Inspiration

“Confidence is the bond of friendship.”

Publilius Syrus

So very touched that my dear friend Frances has honored me this way.

After meeting through our chronic pain challenges, and supporting one another through surgeries, we have a very special bond.

Beautiful Frances ultimately went on to replace both hips at age 40. Here is the ABC news clip featuring her story . Frances is a wonderful mom of three, and was a beloved news anchor for ABC in Raleigh, NC. She suffered a silent agony, with a most complicated case for over a decade before making her brave decision.


Much Love, Blessings and Vibrant Health to you Always Frannie!

 Please click here to read a very detailed post that Frances has created detailing her entire  journey:

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