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Blue Venus II







On Monday I received an email from my dear friend, Monica,
a very special lady I  first crossed paths with in the fall of 2010.
Facing similar challenges, Monica and I found the gift of friendship
after meeting on an internet medical support forum. Since that time,
we have become sisters of the soul… And, for this, I’m so grateful.


After admiring Resa’s spectacular masterpiece art-gown Blue Venus this weekend,
 Monica sent me a wonderful poem she composed, explaining
 she was inspired by the stunning gown, combined with
the spirit she envisioned I would wear it.

I am deeply touched by her graceful heart, and
wanted to share her poetic healing words with each of you today.

 Paired with a shadow self-portrait, please enjoy this 3rd level
of artistic inspiration born of Resa’s  Blue Venus
Truly captivating verse, crafted by a very
talented poetess, and
beautiful friend.

Thank you

With so much Love
Robyn Lee



Wrapped in clouds and sky

her footfall gentle on the sand

eyes shining with bravery

trailing tranquility in her wake.


 Garbed in shimmering blue

Grecian goddess dancing

with iridescent fish from the sea

to the melody of hope and love.


Floating in sapphire silk,

singing to the ocean and stars

the wind answers back

as she walks like the night,  in beauty.


Ladder To The Sun

Follow me
Follow me
I found a ladder
To the sun;

One step at a time
That’s all it takes,
Join our caravan
Of fun.

We’ll travel above
Silk purple skies
Our chariots,
The clouds;

Our path of night
Lit up by stars,
Moon beaming
Full and proud.

We’ll sleep in beds of
Puffy white, while
Sun gods
Keep us

They’ll protect us
From those gusty winds,
And shelter us from

So follow me
It’s single-file
Climb upward
One by one;

For each step we take,
Each wish we make
Means our journey
Has begun.

©Robyn Lee


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