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Ascend blue and white
Transcend illusion of strife
Where all reflects light

©Robyn Lee


Calming Fear

a pancake
flat on
my back

help me
my arms
my legs
my breath

help me
the warmth
see beyond
the fire

help me
between the
blankets of fear

©Meryl Spiegel 2012


Special thanks to fellow-blogger and friend, Meryl, who wrote this emotional poem for her own post last week entitled, HelpI was touched by her heartfelt words, and thought they would make an excellent companion for my feature image today. We are excited to share this collaboration, and hope you enjoy. Please visit Meryl’s site at Recovery Thru My Lens to view her photo, and read her own personal narrative, Help « Recovery Thru My Lens reflective of her post…sentiments many of us can empathize with.

Much Love ~ Robyn Lee


Turbulent swells
Cast me your spell
Distill perfect polarity
Inspire ion-charged clarity

~ Robyn Lee


“When we step back and become the observer,
we witness life with clarity that otherwise, we could not achieve.
It is only as the observer that we are able to embrace it all.”

~ Robyn Lee

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