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We can be sure that the greatest hope
for maintaining equilibrium in the face of any
situation rests within ourselves. 

~Francis J. Braceland

On a quest to find my own equilibrium one day, I took a short walk in my neighborhood, and met up with the Stone Stranger featured in this post. I make the same loop around the corner frequently, yet I have never seen Stone Stranger before. He was standing there quietly, mostly out of view, against the side of a vacant home. Struck by his asymmetrical posture (much like my own) I stopped to look more closely. 

I observed he had a heart-shaped face and uneven jaw line,  just like mine. I also noticed that he was clearly unweighting one of his hips (hmm?). There was a slight twist to his torso, and his pelvis was rotated forward on one side only, as he balanced a sizable load on his skull.

I could not help but wonder if he had pain… invisible pain, unobvious to those admiring his beauty and grace.

Intrigued by this encounter, I wondered why this Stone Stranger beckoned me to his remote hiding place this warm April afternoon. If he could speak to me, I thought, what might he say ?

Farewell Stone Stranger…until we meet again.

~Robyn Lee


“When we step back and become the observer,
we witness life with clarity that otherwise, we could not achieve.
It is only as the observer that we are able to embrace it all.”

~ Robyn Lee

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