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We can be sure that the greatest hope
for maintaining equilibrium in the face of any
situation rests within ourselves. 

~Francis J. Braceland

On a quest to find my own equilibrium one day, I took a short walk in my neighborhood, and met up with the Stone Stranger featured in this post. I make the same loop around the corner frequently, yet I have never seen Stone Stranger before. He was standing there quietly, mostly out of view, against the side of a vacant home. Struck by his asymmetrical posture (much like my own) I stopped to look more closely. 

I observed he had a heart-shaped face and uneven jaw line,  just like mine. I also noticed that he was clearly unweighting one of his hips (hmm?). There was a slight twist to his torso, and his pelvis was rotated forward on one side only, as he balanced a sizable load on his skull.

I could not help but wonder if he had pain… invisible pain, unobvious to those admiring his beauty and grace.

Intrigued by this encounter, I wondered why this Stone Stranger beckoned me to his remote hiding place this warm April afternoon. If he could speak to me, I thought, what might he say ?

Farewell Stone Stranger…until we meet again.

~Robyn Lee


“Sometimes finding your balance requires walking a fine line.”
~Robyn Lee


“The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.”

 ~ Pablo Picasso