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Rippling liquid song

Fluent language; native tongue

I bow to your quench

©Robyn Lee


IMG_0321 2

Prime Seats

Is there anyplace else we’d rather be,
than nestled up high in the
palm of a tree

~ Robyn Lee


Her curtains are drawn, as ducks convene
The stage is set for rest and dreams;

Most will slumber through and through
Others sacrifice sleep, to protect their crew.

~ Robyn Lee

The following is a bit of duck trivia that I found fascinating, demonstrating how, even at the most primitive level, living beings instinctually develop systems to protect their own. If you examine my photo above, you can see which ducks are ‘protecting’ this evening.  Enjoy!

Much Love ~ RL

Dr. Niels Rattenborg has studied sleep patterns of birds, including ducks. He monitored the brain waves of ducks as they sleep and learned some interesting things. Ducks often spend the night together as a group, often sleeping in a row. The ducks on the end of the row or outside of the group are easily spooked by any movement nearby.

They sleep with their eye away from the group open, while the other eye is closed. Rattenborg found that one of the hemispheres of the brains of these outside ducks was functioning at 100% capacity while the other hemisphere was in sleep mode. Apparently the duck has the ability to sleep with half the brain at a time asleep while the other half is fully responsive to the environment.

There is an obvious advantage to this system. Not only is the duck protecting itself by being constantly awake on the side that danger might come from, but the duck is also protecting the other ducks in the center.

Discover, May 1999
Scientific American, May 1999


 “He who controls others may be powerful,
but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.”

~ Lao Tzu

This beautiful and proud bald eagle (known to some as Sam) resides at the Quogue Wildlife Refuge. He was taken in by the refuge in 1988 after undergoing a wing amputation due to gunshot injury. He has been a cherished member of the animal sanctuary ever since. Although Sam cannot soar the skies the way nature might have intended, it is clear he has found empowerment and inner-peace at the refuge, surrounded by other members of the wildlife community, and his human admirers. Go Sam!! 😉

Much Love ~ Robyn Lee


“The spark that propels us forward,
is ignited by the possibility of what may lie ahead.”

~ Robyn Lee


“Teach us that wealth is not elegance, that profusion is not magnificence,
that splendor is not beauty.”

~Benjamin Disraeli

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday weekend!

~Robyn Lee


When life offers the
gift of opportunity,
we must be ready to take that plunge…

And when we plunge–
let it be without pause,
with pure passion,
and with every fiber of our being.

~Robyn Lee


“Sometimes finding your balance requires walking a fine line.”
~Robyn Lee

Mars and Venus on a Perch

“When men and women agree,
it is only in their conclusions;
their reasons are always different.”
~ George Santanyana
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