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Her Ascent

She dares not question her guide
Ascending the spiral platform
Thirsty for calm.

Each step elevating her to the next
Yearning to reach her
Fateful destination.

Climbing up circular
Curves and winding
Steep  angles.

Her Shadow follows
Free of thoughts
No decisions.

Gripping the sturdy iron rail of
Stability, she arrives
At the vertex;

And under a thick canopy of
Reassuring clouds,
Closes her eyes

to see.


© Robyn Lee

Prime Seats

Is there anyplace else we’d rather be,
than nestled up high in the
palm of a tree

~ Robyn Lee


“The ambitious climbs up high and perilous stairs, and never cares how to come down; the desire of rising hath swallowed up his fear of a fall.”

~ Thomas Adams

Ups & Downs

“There is an uphill for every downhill, and a downhill for every uphill.”

~ Turkish Proverb

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