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Sea Within

“Facing blue waves of uncertainty,
I place my hand on my heart
to honor the sea
in me.”

Robyn Lee

Please enjoy this excerpt
from Renee Robinson’s
wonderful poem entitled:
Rainbow Of Souls

The tide washing in

The tide washing out

The current a powerful force

Living in the rhythm of the sea

Alive and breathing

She welcomes me

Standing on a cliff

Way up high

The sea beneath me

Her mist salting my tongue

Her breeze exploring my hair

Imprints in the sand

Her breath, we share

I hear her voice

In the sea air

She calls my name

I hear her heartbeat

Crashing on the rocks

I see her there

I dive in her waters

Within the splashing


I love the sea

I was made for her

Or maybe

She was made for me

She is the past

The present

And the future

She is history

Mystery and


The stories she tells

The treasures hidden

All part of her destiny

Alive and breathing

Living in the rhythm of the sea

by, Renee Robinson

Warm thanks to Renee Robinson of Nae’s Nest | Dancing With Cancer & Other Writings for permission
to feature the 1st verse of her enchanting poem, Rainbow Of Souls, today with my featured image.

Much Love,

Robyn Lee

Storyteller Of Salt

When we quiet our minds
We so easily hear

Wise words of the waves
Dialect: flowing and clear.

 Hypnotic salt tales
Told in soft rhythmic hum

Rippling echoes of ocean,
Reflect voices of sun.

 The grand stories our sea tells
Will enchant and enthrall;

Since the lessons our tides teach,
Pertain to us all.

~Robyn Lee

Unremitting Love


“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean
refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how
many times it’s sent away.”

~Sara Kay

Click here to Meet Sara Kay – Spoken Word Poet Extraordinaire « THROUGH THE HEALING LENS.


The empty homes along the shore,
sit and watch their own front doors.

They know it’s spring and soon to come,
are summer dwellers, waves and fun.

Their peaceful life upon the sand,
will be transformed into party-land.

With music, grills and games galore,
their quiet life will be no more.

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Sun-kissed sea,
please carry me
through the tide shifts of my life.

~Robyn Lee