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Poetry Of Hope

“I stay in the realm of realism,
but always carry with me the fantasy,
the romance, the wish fulfillment–
the poetry of hope.”

Lynne Greenerg
The Body Broken


During the last 2 decades I’ve read most everything I could find to help me make sense of my unexpected plight with chronic pain, and the complex medical maze that I was suddenly thrust into as a young mother at age 30. During a particularly difficult time several years ago, I read a book entitled, The Body Broken, by Lynne Greenberg. This book had a profound impact on my outlook, and my approach to life.

Lynne’s book is a  lyrical memoir, written by a talented writer, sensitive soul and professor of literature who faced, quite similarly to me, a world that suddenly ‘changed on a dime’.  I would recommend this book to everyone. It is a literary treasure, and poetic masterpiece that speaks honestly and directly to the plight of facing adversity, and discovering courage to reinvent a joyful life in the face of challenge, and physical pain that is not easily remedied. Lynne taught me a great deal by her noble example, and for this I am grateful and honored to share her work.

I invite you to take a few moments here to view this video clip of a brief interview with Lynne (aired on ABC with Diane Sawyer). It will provide you a flavor for her wonderful book, and also introduce you to the brave, beautiful and creative spirit that she is.

click here: Living With Chronic Pain | Video – ABC News

Much Love Always

Robyn Lee


“What is more worthy of your pain than the evolution of your soul?”

~ Gary Zukav

This quote by Mr. Zukav above is insightful, but I feel my soul has evolved enough at this point!

Much Love, Robyn Lee

Click here to see two more ‘telling’ photos taken as we made our way to Philadelphia. 

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