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As I fly home from my 6 week journey, I write with a full heart. Many of you know, I am returning from Chicago, where I worked intensely with a rehabilitation specialist who I personally sought out after 2 years of struggle following unsuccessful hip surgeries, and progressive pain. My activities of daily living have been severely limited.

After being let down time and time again in my quest for help, I was in search of expert support and guidance, and wanted desperately to learn more about my mechanical dysfunctions, and train to develop the most  efficient movement patterns possible to reduce pain and improve function, despite having many ‘broken parts’. I wanted to do my best to maximize my potential to participate in the joys of life again.

My commitment to this journey was a leap of faith, as over the last 20 years I have been through countless physical therapy programs, and have undergone numerous medical and surgical interventions, most always resulting in disappointment and confusion.

I can honestly say this was different, and by far the best rehabilitation training experience I’ve ever had.
I am quite certain that trusting my own intuition led me to find  my way a very special healer and a unique approach.

I feel blessed to have “landed” in the hands of Dr. Evan Osar and his team.  Dr. Osar is the founder of Chicago Integrative Movement Specialists.  I encountered his pioneering work online  watching his webinars (for professionals), and observing him demonstrate his methods in numerous video presentations.  I also found additional insight in reading his books, and numerous articles.  I was immediately drawn to him and his work, as it made a tremendous amount of sense to me–given my  personal experience and heightened level of body awareness due to my painful condition.

Yes, It was my own “crazy” idea to contact him, and to then to temporarily relocate to the Chicago, Illinois so that I could train daily with him and his fine team. My family was initially hesitant, but eventually completely supportive, and then proud that I would undertake such a project by myself.  They also came to appreciate and understand why Dr. Osar’s approach to movement-based therapy was something I needed to explore.

As I return, now six weeks later, I reflect on the wonderful experience this has been. Each day I received very focused training (1.5 hours per day and assessment along with hours of homework). I worked hard, and gained a tremendous education with respect to functional movement, respiration and joint centration, all key elements in combating my pain and increasing my ability to move most efficiently, protect my joints, muscles and tendons, and prevent further injury. I learned the power of using imagery and cues to tap into neuromuscular control I did not even know I had ~ so many amazinget-attachment-3-aspx3g epiphanies.

I truly feel that Dr. Osar, Sara and Jenice have given me the gift of a special ‘toolbox’ filled with magical methods and techniques that I can revisit and expand upon as I continue my journey. They have also instilled in me new insight into my own body’s intelligence,  that which I can call on daily for support and healing. We made great strides, and although I have a long way to go, and we can’t be certain if more surgical intervention will be necessary, I am confident that no matter where my path leads, the support and wisdom I have gained last several weeks will serve me immensely.

Perhaps most importantly, I have found in this healthcare team a restored faith and trust in the healing profession, which, until now, has let me down time and time again. I experienced wisdom, integrity and genuine caring through out my entire stay. Each day was approached with pure focused intention and integrity of spirit. I could not have asked to be in more competent hands than this, and know that my trust in Dr. Osar, Sara and Jenice was well-placed.

I am thrilled to be home now and excited to continue working hard to progress and grow with all I learned in Chicago. I plan to revisit Chicago Integrative Movement Specialists periodically, and to keep in touch with this wonderful group as I follow the comprehensive home program they provided.

Finally,  allow me to express my heartfelt appreciation to each of you dear friends who have been following my blog  throughout my journey these last 6 weeks. Your supportive words of encouragement and loving energies, has meant the world to me. It was so comforting to check in on your blogs while I was away, to find poetry, pictures, stories, warm messages and even a stunning art gown made in my honor :).  To me it truly does feel like our WordPress community is extended family. We share a very unique and heartfelt connection in many wonderful ways… and for this I am so grateful.

Much Love and Blessings
today and always

Robyn Lee