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Brilliant steel potentiality:
Calling me forth, like a
Magnetic portal to
A new place
and time;

Arched over blue expanse of
Liquid fire mystery;
What is:

to what

©Robyn Lee


Heartfelt thanks to guest photographer, my dear Aunt Renée who honored me by allowing me to feature her stunning image in my post today. I admired this new photo on her Facebook page earlier, and it inspired me to write the poetic verse above. She captured this beautiful shot in Astoria Park NY, beneath the 2 bridges pictured (Hell Gate Bridge and Triborough Bridge ).

I think a new hobby may be calling her forth ~ don’t you?! 

Thank you Aunt Renée ~ I Love You 


“There is comfort in knowing that with each tomorrow,
we too may 
begin again.”

~Robyn Lee


Earth fire burns
Dragon breath
Vile black smoke ascends
Penetrating her celestial white veil
I cry

~Robyn Lee

 I took this image of fire-clouds during our local devastating wildfire last week.

Manorville brush fire among NY’s biggest