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Prime Seats Inspired


Delighted that my image below, Prime Seats  inspired fellow blogger, Wendy Strohm, to compose this lovely poem entitled Climbing a Tree which is reflective of her own childhood memories.
Warm thanks to Wendy, and hope everyone will enjoy !

There’s nothing better than climbing a tree

And being high up with so far to see

There are various branches on which to play

And I can stay up here for most of the day

This branch here is my galloping horse

And the string I’ve tied are the reins of course

That branch over there is for my friend

We talk so much – till there is no end

But this broad branch is my favourite one

As it’s slightly shadowed from the sun

And I cannot be seen from the first look

I can lay just here and read my book

I have brought an apple for my lunch

You can tell I’m here from the noisy crunch!

~Wendy Strohm