Hope & Healing Through Photography and Poetic Expression


“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
~Maya Angelou

8 responses

  1. eremophila

    A wonderful quote and image!

    March 18, 2012 at 1:28 AM

  2. Ivy

    What a sweet little red bird and perfect quote by Ms Angelou!

    March 18, 2012 at 2:10 PM

  3. One of my favorites from Maya Angelou–great photo!

    March 18, 2012 at 8:15 PM

  4. victoriaaphotography

    Great quote & a very appropriate image too.

    (I am gradually catching up with all the posts/blogs I have missed).

    March 22, 2012 at 11:13 PM

  5. Thanks Victoria!! Hang in and thanks for revisiting older posts!

    March 22, 2012 at 11:45 PM

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