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In awe, and so very touched ~ Penny has created a post (featuring her phenomenal illustration) , and a challenge inspired by a simple comment I made on one of her wonderful blog posts ~ ‘A Pigment-of-My-Imagination’. Penny you rock! Thank you dear friend …  Enjoy – and Lots of love to all!  ~Robyn Lee

The Why About This

This one’s for you, Robyn!

In September I posted A Pigment of My Imagination . At the end of the post was a graphic (the one above). I asked viewers to tell me what it might be a picture of. One of my favorite people (who inspires with every photograph she takes and every word she writes) answered:

Robyn Lee  “Ok – in the picture, I see a mystical but loving sea creature emerging from the depths of an enchanted lake — after sunset… doing his magic for the good of all of mankind.”

Since then I had been thinking about what a “loving”  sea creature would look like, I thought of Robyn’s personality, one that embodies “loving” to me. Yesterday I saw a photo of a bronze rendering of a dragon and I knew I’d found her. Last night I drew this dragon on my notepad. A beautiful (I hope) female sea creature emerging!

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