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Awards Awards Awards…

I feel quite honored and flattered to have been nominated for so many wonderful awards (a few of them numerous times).  As I’ve shared my heart and my work here, I’ve encountered such talented, kind and brilliant people among my fellow-bloggers. It feels like virtual family to me, and I am very grateful for the warm supportive welcome I’ve received.

So first, as the awards rules dictate, I will begin by sharing 7 random things about me:

1. In the photo of me dancing above from September, I had fever of 102, and a wicked migraine – but it was a good ‘pain’ day and I had FUN!

2. My 2 loving daughters are my greatest inspiration.

3. I cook an awesome dijon/ginger/honey salmon fillet.

4. I am married to a phenomenal man, who kissed me for the first time when I was just 13!

5. I have always been able to stand on my head, and still can (though don’t test it often).

6. Rumi, my puppy is named after the Persian Mystical Love Poet.

7. When I was little, I  used to write stories and poems and pair them with cut-out images from magazines and/or photos…..they are still in my attic – and I suppose my blog is a continuation of that passion.

Next, I am thrilled to thank, and introduce you to  those who have nominated me for all of these fabulous blogging awards:

1. Thoughts from the Outdoors David writes incredible personal poetry, and pairs his thought-provoking words with images that inspire. Look forward to his poems daily!

2. About « Keeping Pace Lisa has a wonderful blog filled with interesting articles  about contemporary living as well as beautiful poetic reflections.

3. About | Zen Being  Visit Erran’s blog for wonderful words on keeping perspective and learning how to simply “be”.  Excellent writings with wise insights.

4. My First Blog « taniajessicasmith Tania’s blog is rich in content.  She is both an incredible photographer and talented graphic artist.  Wonderful find!

5. About « Not So Creative  A blog that boasts diverse photographic talent along with descriptive writing.

6. About Me « Work the Dream Deb’s blog is a wonderful testament to survival and optimistic living through physical challenge. Great work.

7. About This Site « Living In The Now Jacob’s blog is dedicated to the journey of self-development, spirituality and stress reduction.

8.  Inspiration All Around Sofia’s blog features stunning photography from her adventures around the world.

Finally, the following are my 10 nominations. I pass this HUGE torch (6 awards in all) on to the following bloggers:

1. My Heartsong Jane’s blog features first class photography with a soulful eye and a warm spirit.

2. Mari Sanchez Cayuso | Peace the consciousness, the transitoriness, your existence.  Mari’s blog is filled with dynamic, seductive, poetry and artistic expression. Hang on when you visit her site, as you are in for the ride of your life. There is passion all over it!

3.jmgoyder Julie blogs about her life in an honest and heartfelt style. Her blog features snapshots of her life in stories and photos.  She is a brilliant writer, and a strong soul facing difficult obstacles on a daily basis.  I admire her courage and spirit a great deal.  She also has an awesome sense of wit and grace.

4. About « Recovery Thru My Lens Meryl’s blog features unique expert photography, coupled with inspired poetry, and writings of self-discovery and emotional healing.

5. About Me | Bloom KT’s blog offers beautiful photography and self-discovery centered around the flower garden of life.

6. Soy…, About | cruzdelsur Carlos’s site boasts stunning photography, insights, and poetic wisdom  from a true Argentinian gentleman (translator link provided).

7.  About the Blog « Pieces of Me and Other Sundry Things Scott’s blog showcases awesome photos (both urban and nature) with wonderful writings and personal insights.  Class-Act!

8. About « Going Dutch Malou’s blog is wonderfully diverse, with gorgeous photos and articles ranging from  cultural variations in sex education, to nature and  asian cuisine.

9. About « balancethroughthelens. Susie has a very  beautiful blog showcasing her amazing nature photography.  She shares valuable life lessons and relates them to her photo images.

10. moments clicked is a nature photography blog dedicated to recording moments of life that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Wow..  this was a challenging post project 🙂 Hope I did ok – and apologize if there are overlapping awards for any of the nominees.  Please accept what you like – and feel free to pass on the duplicates to those you deem deserving.  Kudos to everyone.  Such a great blogging community indeed! Remember to check out all the links!

Sending Love and Gratitude to all ~ Robyn Lee